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Nowadays sports have proved to be a great way to overcome obstacles among the citizens from many countries. We believe that people get closer through sports and its multiple modalities. Common interests and the wish to overcome challenges and goals unite everyone and turn sports events, above all, into a celebration of human potential and humanity.
As known, in the year of 2016 will happen the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For the first time in history they will occur in a South American country and Brazil will be able to show the world all the organization and receptivity of a nation naturally kind and friendly.
With that on mind, Supporting Sports and Intercomerce decided to bring efforts together in order to develop worldwide sports Projects, focused on the promotion of people integration and the preparation of high performance athletes, always with the best Olympic spirit.
Supporting Sports and Intercomerce, making use of their experience in well succeeded soccer and other Olympic modalities, have enlarged their potential through partnerships that resulted in the cooperation term with the Russian University of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism– RGUFKeT.
With this cooperation term and being the Project managers, Supporting Sports and Intercomerce, got in touch with all the accumulated knowledge from one of the best athletic academy in the world, which has achieved expressive results.
We’ve started counting on a program that aims on the high performance of athletes and that encompasses a proximity philosophy. We develop an intensive exchange of athletes, coaches and knowledge among countries.
We have a wide list of coaches and athletes, both from Brazil and Iran, engaged in a cooperation and development work to be amplified so that Brazil and other nations can achieve the best Olympic results ever. The Project aims mainly on the spread of knowledge and the enhancement of athletes’ performance, so that all participants get closer with the best results from world sports power nations.

About the Project

Project is designed according to the spread of knowledge and nations proximity principles. Therefore we’ve developed in Brazil training centers where the most appropriate methodology is applied to athletes and coaches.
Our strategy considers the implementation of training centers and dwelling houses where athletes and coaches will be constantly supervised by Brazilian organization and will count on all needed support in their day to day activities.
The defined programs aim on the training of athletes within a kind and cooperative environment and, once immersed in Brazil, their activities will be adapted to weather, feeding, time zone and/or any other condition that may impact athletes’ performance.
Our activities might be developed to soccer or any other modality, with emphasis on volleyball, basketball, sword play, judo, wrestling, canoeing, oar, athletics, rhythmic and artistic gym, handball, weightlifting, bow and arrow, equestrian, badminton, sailing, cycling, box, swimming, diving and water polo.
Thus we expect that your nation’s participation will enrich the training program besides turning into positive results the performance of athletes that will have the opportunity to access new levels of development.
We hope to be informed about your interest in the Project and which are the preferred modalities, as well as how many athletes could take part of the program until 2016 Olympic Games, so that we can send you a detailed presentation.


Training installations waiting you:


Our infrastructureOur infrastructure













Federation of Judô together with usFederation of Judô together with us

Health plan and diagnostic centersHealth plan and diagnostic centers













Training instalationsTraining instalations

This kind of rooms waiting our atheletsThis kind of rooms waiting our athelets